Brian SheridanThank you for reading the fine print, because I have a confession to make – all of the composers and artists on this website are fictional. The Aisteach Foundation is a communal thought experiment, a revisionist exercise in “what if?”, a huge effort by many people to create an alternative history of avant-garde music in Ireland, to write our ancestors into being and shape their stories with care. We played fast and loose with history and the truth and we like to think Flann O’Brien would have approved.

I am extremely grateful to the Arts Council of Ireland for funding this project and allowing me to collaborate with the contributors listed below.

If you feel there’s something we missed, something you want to have happened and would like to bring into being, please let us know using the contact form.
This project is dedicated with great love to Bob Gilmore.

Dr Jennifer Walshe, President, Aisteach Foundation

The contributors who wrote the texts and scores are:
John Berndt
Felicity Ford
Panos Ghikas
Paul Gilgunn
Stephen Graham
Majella Munro
Simon O’Connor
Rían O’Rahallaigh
Nick Roth
Benedict Schlepper-Connolly
Jennifer Walshe

Thanks very much to Richard Devine for his recordings which brought Zaftig to life and Jack McMahon for his performance as Ultan O’Farrell; thanks also to Tony Conrad for his historical convictions about dordán and to Malcolm Tyrrell, for his dream of a Hands documentary about Irish performance art.